The Mandolin Book of Matteo Caccini: 1703

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VerlagBernhard Hofstötter und Davide Rebuffa
BestellnummerISBN 979-8865974062
KomponistMatteo Caccine
This book presents delightful music for the Baroque mandolino from a particularly interesting Florentine manuscript source entitled Libro per la Mandola dell Matteo Caccini. Although dated 1703, the Mandolin Book of Matteo Caccini brings together miscellaneous solo pieces for the Baroque mandolino from the second half of the 17th century.
This book offers a new critical edition of all these pieces based on the three extant manuscripts which today are preserved at the French national library in Paris. In addition, the book makes one of these manuscripts (Vmb MS8) available as a facsimile edition for the first time and provides QR-codes for quick and easy access to the other two.
This book is published in The Baroque Mandolin Collection, edited by Bernhard Hofstötter and Davide Rebuffa, which aims at becoming a reliable source for the early mandolin repertoire, easily available at affordable prices. Even though the music published in The Baroque Mandolin Collection was written for the Baroque mandolino, it is equally accessible to players of the Neapolitan mandolin.